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I'm new here!

Just joined and wanted to say Hi all!!
This was my Halloween!
Lisa (my bestest friend ever) and Chad (Lisa's Boyfriend)and me went to a Halloween party and one of Chads friends.Party was fun and they kept trying to set me up with a boy (Danny) but I think he was way too shy!Anyway, I did end up kissing him in the backyard and gave him my number so we'll see! Later, me and Lisa and a few boys were all in the kitchen and she asked me how Danny kissed? We had been drinking quite a bit and I still felt horny from before, so I said "Like this!" and started making out with her right in front of everyone!The crowd went wild! (especially chad)All of a sudden the kitchen had turned into the set of Jerry Springer with loud chants of ","
haha! So we did!
Again, again, again and again for about twenty minutes! It was HOT!!! Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled it down to her crotch while we were tonging each other feverishly and I played with her clit thru her panties as we kissed! She started pinching my nipples with her hand under my top! That drove them wild! Believe me, they will all remember Halloween 2003!
I had the hugest orgasm masturbating when I got home just thinking about it!MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!
Lisa called me in the morning and said she fantasized about it too while chad was going down on her after they got home too!
Chad doesnt know, but that wasnt the first time we've touched each other!(and after last night, I know it wont be the last either!)hehehe!!!Shhhhhhhh!
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