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Friday Morning Masturbation!

Woke up this morning,came back in my room from shower. Was walking around in room with my robe on but wide open, and noticed the neighbor behind us looking over! I have been sooooo horny lately I decided I would give him a little show! ;P

I fumbled around in my room for a few minutes pretending I didnt know he was watching! I know he had a great shot of my ass as I
removed the robe and stood in mirror brushing my hair! Then I sat on corner of bed and started to put lotion on my legs, I spent a little
extra time on my upper thighs as it was a great excuse to leave my legs spread wide open for him to see! I didnt look up the whole time
but I could feel him watching still! Slowly rubbing lotion on my tummy and up around boobs! I could feel myself getting wet just knowing he was watching! My nipples were fully erect as I massaged them and spent a little extra time on them as well!

I got up and pretended to grab something off my dresser as an excuse to check in the mirror and make sure he was still there!
YEP! He was!!
This made me insane!!
I could feel how wet I was and my nipples were dying for attention as well!

I sat back down and continued putting lotion on my breast! Then I started to pinch my left nipple with my right hand and let my left fall into my lap and began gently rubbing my already well lubricated clit! Layed back on bed at just the right angle so he would have a full view of my soaking wet pussy as I started to finger myself!! MMMMMMMMM!! I kept fantasizing about what he was doing while watching me! Stroking his cock and wishing he could insert it deeply into my pussy! I could feel myself building towards a huge orgasm and pinched my nipple hard and wiggled my palm tightly against my clit as I inserted two fingers inside and then ran them up and down the outside of my lips!
I was soaking!!!

Pulled my fingers out and vigorously rubbed my swollen clit while pinching my nipples and started bucking my ass up and down and clinching my legs together as I felt my orgasm explode!!!!
OMG! It was awesome!!

After about a minute of sheer bliss, I started massaging my juicy fingers over my sore but satisfied nipples! That felt sooooo good!! I got up and went back to the mirror and saw him staring with the most
intense stare! heeheh! Pick my robe up off the floor and wrapped it around me and back to the shower I went!

I don't know why, but the fact I knew someone was watching me made it sooo much more intense!! I don't even know this guy because he just moved in about a month ago, but I'm sure I'll see him again (in the window at least)! He's definitely in for more shows!!!
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